+ Human Connection Video


The opportunity to collaborate with dancers Baylie and McCall Olsen was so exciting. When the team sat down to hear their vision, it was a match made in heaven! The common goal was to evoke emotion. It was the first video we ever created ourselves, and we learned so much about the process! When brainstorming about the shot lists, goals and point of the video, everyone started to light up. A purity vibe was agreed on- raw looking, and a natural. For the make up, Jessi wanted to neutralize the face, but keep the brow strong for emotion purposes. The dancers have such amazing eyebrows, and the setting was in the dirt, so she kept them prominent and dusted their lashes. Because the girls were being filmed dancing, they needed hair back and out of the way. McCall has a shorter pixie cut, and it was a fun challenge for Chelsea to create cohesive looks that didn’t distract the artists or the viewer. Thinking about connection in literal form, Chelsea immediately was inspired by knots. They intertwine and hold things together therefore, this became the theme.


For the first look, Chelsea used the round partings working with the shape of the head to keep the look feminine, and created very structured knots that were simple and beautiful. McCall has a disconnected haircut, so the same parting was mimicked for Baylie. The first scenes shot were so aggressive, the look had to be extremely sturdy and stable. The second look was Chelsea’s favorite creatively.


In order to keep it cohesive, Chelsea used the same parting structures. She divided the top section in half to create the knots, but gave it detail while keeping it interesting for the second look. Using the same concept as the first look, the ends were fanned out instead of tucking them. “Knowing we would be outside while the sun was setting, I was excited about the light falling through those tips.” she quotes.


The hair organically became such a deep part of the story as the girls ripped out the first look. It took minimal touch up on set after, and it was so beautiful- we were all losing it!!! The team was (and still is) beyond honored to have been given the opportunity to express  and create freely; to see the beautiful manifestation of all our thoughts and ideas come to life; and to be able to share our hearts with all of you.


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