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+ Connection

Whats the point? The point of any of this? Why? Does it matter? Only if connection exists. The point. There’s an old saying that if a man climbs to the top of the mountain to meditate, and he finds God… Does it matter if he never comes down? Love this thought life. It is the reason for business, for economies, societies and families.The reason for Medium, Conformity, Overstimulation, and the reason for this collection. Connection is the underlying gravity that holds any give a fuck for anything.

This is Kendal, she has an exotic beauty. Its different and powerful. The idea of Connection is to use elements of all the collection topics to ultimately connect to the other four messages. Kendal’s street look is a high ponytail. That particular look is a statement in itself. This was constructed using a white bungie cord, correlating medium, wrapped around the base to create height. The raw knot was left purposely, and string was left out as a nod tolink back to conformity. 


To finish, Kendal was accessorized with smooth gold and silver oversized barrettes,slightly overstimulating the look, and it works. The look elongated Kendal’s face and neck but also exudes confidence and keeps her connected to herself. 


Kendal’s editorial look was created with a beehive base created by backcombing. The backcombing started at the place on the head, where the most hight was desired. The hair around the entire hairline was left out, as the beehive was being built. Once the desired shape was reached, everyone clapped with joy… just kidding… kinda. 


To build the connecting piece, a pre textured weave was used. It looked too clean, a knife was used on theoutside of the synthetic hair, until it frayed to the desired liking. Using a series of bakers knots, the hair was delicately tied together one strand at a time, building a tapestry-like piece. Pulling all the hair that was left out from the hairline up and over our beehive base, lightly grazing the back side of the section to give it padding,and then using U pins to secure it. The piece was ready to be wrapped! 


Slowly it was draped and pinned. Using a tail comb, and the trusty thumb and pointer finger, the top layer of the beehive was worked through the wrap holes to create the connection between the two. The final finishes were by far the most fun part! 


Click here to see the entire collection.

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