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The first topic of inspiration is other Mediums. We are artists, and our primary medium is hair. Often, inspiration to think differently comes from unlikely sources. From a creation perspective as an artist, an integral part of our process has been absorbing other mediums such as dance, sculpture, textiles, sports, painting, pottery, fire throwing and music. While list is endless, there is no separation inside of the respect and awe that exists when watching an artist in any medium create a spectacular form. This lights us on fire!

Meet Ashlyn. She was chosen for Medium because she has vibrant pink hair, with a contrasting dark base. A winter collection seemed to call for white wardrobe and white makeupFor the street look, thinking outside the box, muslin fabric was used to create an S wave pattern of texture in the hair. Click here to see the tutorial


Once the set was complete the hair was brushed out and aerated the ends for frothy, yet natural effect. An oversized goldtextured barrette was chosen and the obscure placement, angle and color compliment her eyes and bone structure. 


Ashlyn’s editorial look was inspired by sewing medium, and the use of unconventional materials to make texture. Braiding is essentially sewing, only using hair. Ashlyn was given a center part, and two corn row braids straight back, starting at the outside corner of the eyes, along the top of the partial ridge.  Rickrack (or ricrac) is a “flat narrow braid woven in zigzag form, used as a trimming for clothing or curtains” (Wikipedia.org).[1] Before the prevalence of sewing machines and sergers, rickrack was used to provide a finished edge to fabric.


This technique is used widely in hairdressing to create texture, commonly partnered with hair pins or U pins. For this look, tin foil was used. The smaller the item the hairis wrapped around, the tighter the texture. Ashlyn’s eyes were a feature of highlight for the shoot- so starting the wrap at eye level draws automatic focus there. To finish the look, the hair was sewn using the same rickrack formation on top.


Click here to see the entire collection.

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