+ Winter Collection + Overstimulation

+ Overstimulation

It’s a new time. As a consciousness, the human race is involuntarily exposed to a consistent and persistent overload of information from every direction. Bigger, faster, louder, higher, greater, harder. On the go, an feeling as if you still need more. As guests sit in the chair, they usually express an audible sigh. A noise that implies a sound of relief, that a break from the craziness of life and personal schedule is about to happen, and they need it. The topic of overstimulation is also an extreme duality. Almost a love/hate. It’s fast, and it’s amazing. Almost anything available at the touch of a button. However, keeping up with it is a full time job. Everything in the world is continuously vying for our already limited attention. 

As an industry, there exists a general understanding a growing effort to adapt and provide the client with a 360 degree experience. Its challenging. Knowing that the average shelf life of a client with their hairdresser is roughly six years, and the primary reason they choose to leave is boredom. It is about the person. It’s no easy feat to anticipate the different wants and needs of each individual guest, and in turn curate their idea of a perfect experience- but that’s what it’s all about. This concept helped birth a different attitude about the sometime negative tendencies of overstimulation, and begin a shift to find solutions to the most common occurrences. 


Mario has the most incredible natural hair texture ever! He’s ridiculously handsome, and it was the most fun experience having him on set. While developing Mario’s street look, finding the middle ground in overstimulation was key. There was a fine line in the balance of letting it live, and tying it up a little bit. He came to the shoot with a grown out fade, so that was the first thing to go. Using clippers, it was taken to a 00 on the bottom, and his neckline detailed with a straight razor. 


Chelsea separated the hair using her fingers creating two slightly diagonal back sections. Working from back to front, twisting the hair and pinning it into a barrel roll. The result gave Mario a square and masculine shape on top. A combination of bobby and U pins were used.The remaining section gave the illusion of being free, but was actually pinned into place for the desired effect. It felt fresh, raw- all while complimenting his strong jawline.


For Mario’s editorial look, additional deadlocks were constructed from synthetic hair, with a gradient of color to maintain the neutrality. His hair was twisted and tamed down, the way overstimulation needs to be dealt with sometimes. This was used as a base to add the additional dreads to achieved the desired shape. Bobby and U pins locked them down. Once in place, they seemed to perfect, so they got a little worked. From all sides, the overall esthetic was interesting. Overstimulation is fully loaded, and can feel overwhelming and invasive.However, every once in a while all that’s needed is a few steps back and it all comes together. This look was so satisfying to create, because Mario felt hot, and that right there is the game changer. 

Click here to see the entire collection.

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