+ Winter Collection


[kuhlek-shuh n]


1. the act of collecting.

2. something that is collecteda group of objects or an amount of material accumulated in one location, especially for some purpose or as a result of some process.


Collections are many things. The beauty industry is incredibly multifaceted, because the spectrum of beauty is up for personal interpretation.

It begins by looking back at the history of image and understanding how something is deemed “beautiful”. Trends usually start with someone in a position of power, creating a change that trickles down to society and becomes accepted the masses. Media outlets, the majority of the fashion industry, and worst of all, corporate marketing, have achieved this using a fear based model. They are looking to convince us that were not good enough. Images feature what they’re selling, accompanied with the simple message of,” buy this- and you’ll be closer to attaining good enough status”. The images they produce, while usually beautiful, carry purpose that is gross. 


We thought to ourselves, what is our purpose? Collections allow creative outlets for expression, fine tuning our craft, and spending time connecting on a deeper level. FŌRMA is a new business, with limited budget for photo shoots. This has provided another opportunity to learn how to operate resourcefully and inventively without compromising our vision or standards. This has also inherently provided a deeper understanding of our art.


The ultimate goal is to make things that connect and add value to our clients, and also the hairdressing community. These images are another way to express and talk about some of the existing things that inspired these looks. For this collection we selected 4 topics that had a larger purpose aside from this is “hot right now”; Medium, Conformity, Overstimulation, and Connection. Trend Forecasting should come from authority figures in their respective industries, that possess a finger on the pulse of the consciousness of communities. We believe this is our upmost blessing.


Most artists start by making vision/mood boards prior to embarking on projects in order to hone in on a particular vibe, and to focus ideas. This collection was no exception to this process- however it went one step further. Videos have the capacity to give so much more. Multi-media immediately makes our hearts pound and is pushing us to the next level. We chose four topics and eight models, then proceeded to create four street looks and four editorial looks. Editorial looks accelerate the street looks in a seamless wayClick here to see our full collection of final creations and interpretations. 

Click here for more about our creative process for + Medium

Click here for more about our creative process for + Conformity 

Click here for more about our creative process for + Overstimulation

Click here for more about our creative process for + Connection

Click here to see another video from our collection.

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