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As artists, one of the most important components of our craft is staying inspired. We follow an organization called Hairbrained. It is a platform for hairdressers who put their craft first, and a way to connect and share with like-minded people. Jessi was scrolling Instagram, and noticed that Hairbrained was doing a collaboration with the shear company BMAC. The contest consisted of the submission of three cutting videos on Instagram, one short hair cut, one long hair cut and one curly hair cut. The only requirement was to clearly show the shears and this was the grand prize…

During the month of November, the winner of the contest will receive an invitation to Japan for an all expenses paid trip, sponsored by BMAC USA.

The trip will consist of visiting the BMAC Japan state of the art factory, staying at a traditional Japanese hotel, “Ryokan”, visiting top salons in Tokyo, meeting with Japanese top stylists, and tours of modern and traditional places in Japan.


These were the specifics from the brand:

BMAC USA and our partner of this event,@hairbrained_official decided to have a Teach-In Tokyo during this trip.The winner will have an opportunity to take part in this Teach In Tokyo 2016 with other top educators led by @gerardscarpaci.This is going to be on Hairbrained live streaming on Facebook in English and Japanese translations.
Many Japanese stylists and media will be present and they are very excited about this event.

Chelsea is OBSESSED with Japan, as well as great tools. We had never heard of this brand, but knowing the shears are crafted in Japan (the only place the shears we use are manufactured) we began researching. The website was beautiful, and their cutting edge technology was exciting. Click here to check out their website.

IMG_1585 2.JPG

The competition began in August, and we didn’t see the post until October. This didn’t leave much time to figure out when the videos would be shot, edited, and how long it would take for the shears to arrive. BMAC’s ordering process is very streamlined, other than offering a plethora of really dope shears. They offer a variety of pricing- which is amazing when their craftsmanship is top of the line.

Chelsea received the shears the day before shooting the videos. She only had one day to test, and was super impressed after using them. All three videos were shot in one day. We unfortunately had model drama in the morning, because the girl for the short hair video didn’t show. We ended up using Jessi, and all was right in the world!

FullSizeRender 28.jpg

FullSizeRender 26.jpg

FullSizeRender 27.jpg

Click here to check out the 3 videos we created!

Needless to say, participating in a contest like the one BMAC created  was amazing because we learned a ton, had so much fun, pushed ourselves, and connected with people in the industry that take their craft to the next level. It inspired us more than they will ever know! Although Chelsea didn’t win the grand prize, BMAC was incredibly gracious and gave out “Special Winner Prizes” Chelsea won a pair of 2 Series “Poppy” model shear with her name engraved. Fancy!!! 


The shear performs wonderfully. Its balanced, top grade steel and has an off set handle for ergonomic comfortability. The price point is definitely affordable, and this shear has proven to be a great work horse. The fact that the BMAC brand is willing to connect with stylists all over and collaborate to elevate the industry, makes them extra special in our minds and we’re excited to continue to support the brand. Thanks again, BMAC for the shears, the connections we’ve made and the content you inspired us to create! We will certainly be playing in this contest next year!


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