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Please read before booking an appointment. Online booking for most stylist is disabled at this time. Please reach out to them directly or email Nita juanitapierce@formacollectivesalon.com with any questions or concerns.

Wonderful clients,

We are excited to announce the state has allowed us to open! We are reaching out to inform you of the steps we are taking to create the safest environment possible as we are proceeding with extreme caution. Things will be very different and we are hereto answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Things WE are doing to ensure highest safety and sanitation precautions

All team members will be wearing masks so that:

  1. We refrain from touching our faces.
  2. We are following recommendations from the CDC.

All waiting room furniture has been removed to minimize “soft surfaces” that we cannot sanitize.


Cleaning and sanitizing ALL surfaces:

-Tools, capes, chairs, sinks, light switches, door handles, and EVERYTHING that anyone has been in contact with.

-Sanitizing before, after, and sometimes during every single client, washing our hands for at least 20 seconds after contact and between every service.

-We are licensed and thoroughly educated on how to properly sanitize. We pledge to you, when you arrive for your appointment, we are doing everything possible to keep you safe.

-Please remember many of these changes are TEMPORARY.


Due to the nature of our industry this is impossible; however, we have come up with many creative ways we can do to prevent contamination and adhere to the recommended guidelines. To do our best to stay socially distant we are making some changes.

Things that we request of YOU:

***IF YOU FEEL SICK or have been in contact with anyone who is sick, please CANCEL your appointment. We promise to do the same.


Please contact your service provider directly to schedule an appointment time that will allow the most amount of social distancing, we are all happy to come in earlier to accommodate you.


-These will be done virtually. This will include sending a photo of your hair to your stylist directly by 6pm the night before your appointment. Please list the services requested and anything else we should be aware of. If necessary, your stylist may set up a zoom call to discuss further. For many of you this is not applicable, you know who you are. We are trying to do as much as we can virtually so please have your phone so we can communicate with you virtually.

-In this consultation we will also try to assess your retail haircare needs so we can have them bagged and ready for you to take from your appointment.


-Please arrive with clean dry hair.

-Please be mindful and minimize what you are brining into the salon (extra bags, jackets, etc.).

Upon arrival for your appointment please wait outside until your service provider comes to get you. Please stay 6 feet apart from each other outside.

              -We will use a forehead thermometer on each client entering the salon

              –Text your stylist that you have arrived; this allows us to make sure we are keeping social distancing measures in place. We want to hug you but cannot. We will open the door for you and provide hand sanitizer. If this is unavailable, we will guide you to the bathroom where you can wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. On your way to the chair, please try your hardest not to touch anything, especially your face or any surface including the retail area and please inform us if you accidentally do.

Please bring mask or something to cover your face- even a bandana will suffice. Please be wearing this upon entry of the salon.

-For now, we will no longer have a waiting area and we ask that you please come ALONE to your appointment.

-We will no longer be able to provide beverages- please bring your own.

-If you need to cough please cover your mouth with your arm or mask.

-Please try to use the restroom prior to your appointment and we understand this may be impossible.


-Please let us know if you want to go to the restroom or outside so we can sanitize or let you out and in safely. Be aware of touching your face, phone, and other surfaces.

-Due to all of these changes please know that this takes extra time. Please be patient if we are running late as we also have to try to distance ourselves from each other and there is no way to time appointments, color mixing and shampooing.

-We will have you read your credit card to us to avoid touching your credit card.

***There will be a $5 sanitation fee per client as we are taking the utmost care and precautions to provide you with the safest experience.

***By booking an appointment you are agreeing to these new guidelines. Prior to booking your appointment, please ensure you have read these carefully and feel comfortable adhering to them. If you come to your appointment and do not follow these protocols, we will have to refuse your service with no refund. Thank you for understanding.

If you find out you have contracted COVID19 after your appointment, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.

First and foremost, we want to convey our sensitivity, support and love to every individual while navigating through this pandemic. We support everyone’s personal decisions throughout this process, as we are aware of the diversity of opinions and emotions surrounding this time.

As a team and collective, we support each of our team member’s decisions individually as professionals and respect their choice to work, not work, or cease working at any point. Our profession now requires much more work, resources and time. It also requires risk and courage. We also respect your decisions as guests to navigate what is best for you at this time.

There is no “Pandemic Guidebook for Hair Salons” and there are countless aspects for us to consider. We have concerns that it is too soon. Our worst nightmare is the thought of somehow spreading the virus to anyone, let alone our guests or each other whom we love so much and we know this feeling is relatable for all of us. We are truly inspired by those who have worked on the front lines of this pandemic and risked their lives to make sure we have the necessities for survival. We are close with many of them and have thoroughly researched how they have managed to stay safe and serve their community.

From the leadership of our state and their data-based assessment we are choosing to trust the decision to open and feel we are now called to do our part in servicing you. We know our job is to do your hair, but we also know our responsibility is much greater. You are our friends, we know about your lives, families and hearts. We are honored to have this privilege and trust and do not take this lightly. This is why we are moving forward with such caution. We are grateful to be able to put food on our tables and start the recovery process through this disastrous economic time.

We are ready and have tried to implement everything we could think of to keep our salon as safe as possible. We ask that you please also try to have compassion for us as things change daily and will continue to do so, as we know the possibility of a second wave. We will also shut down and quarantine if ANYONE is diagnosed. We are very open to suggestions on how we can serve you better and please know we are here for you. With these precautions in place we are whole heartedly excited for the opportunity to connect, do your hair, hopefully laugh, listen to jams and most of all, SEE YOU!

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