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A collective that shapes ideas into existence and participates in the beauty of everything.

The salon was born so we could have a space to collide creation. Fōrma means to shape and we are here to support artists, push boundaries, collaborate, be the best version of ourselves, have a safe place to grow, to elevate the industry and everyone possible through education. We are proud to partner with the best products in the industry.

 KérastaseL’Oréal Professionnel and Evo.


Chelsea James – Owner | Stylist

L’Oreal Professionnel International Artist/Educator

With a love for hair behind the chair, editorial work and multi media, Chelsea found continuing her own education sparked an ambition to share her knowledge with her peers. She loves connecting through the creative process we all share and tailoring her classes to the specific learning needs for each stylist. With the same passion for business she opened her own salon and it translates the ability to help each stylist find their own.

Chelsea is the owner of Fōrma + Collective Salon, Master Stylist behind the chair, published nationally as well as with L’Oréal Professionnel. She was the first woman to ever win a Hairbrained Video Award, she won NAHA 2017 Avant Garde category and was a finalist in the L’Oréal Professionnel Color Style Trophy. She has styled for music videos, New York Fashion Week and facilitated at TEACH IN for Hairbrained at IBS New York and PBA Beauty Week in Las Vegas.

With a genuine love for both the industry and education, she is dedicated to never stop learning and to give back her experiences along the way.

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Jessi James – Hair Stylist

Branding Manager

Jessi has been in the industry for over 14 years and has a drive for both business and beauty. She has pushed herself through education and had the honor of walking with mentors along the way. She specializes in color corrections, blondes and makeovers. With a belief that you are always the student and a love for styling hair she couldn’t be more excited to have helped create a home for other stylists to grow and to be a part of change, creation, and collaboration. She continues to grow the business through branding, social media and photo/video editing.

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Brooke Evans – Master Colorist

L’Oreal Professionnel National Artist/Educator

Brooke Evans, is one of the most sought-after color specialist in the beauty industry. Both behind the chair and now at Fōrma + Collective Salon. She is a national color and certified balayage artist for L’Oréal Professionnel and with over 15 years of expertise, Brooke has mastered the art of color, yet continues to evolve and challenge herself daily to ensure she is always elevating her own level of technical excellence as well as the beauty industry. Her innovative ideas combined with her overwhelming amount of passion and detail for color is her driving force making her a strong educator, colorist, mentor, and forever student.

Brooke’s success story does not come from a long list of celebrities she has worked on, but more from the profound impact she has on artists every day. Brooke is inspiring, she truly embodies a rare talent of being able to empower other artists and inspire them to want to deliver more for their guests in their chair as well as innovate their way of thinking to the next level. She is relatable, approachable, passionate, and extremely charismatic. Brooke loves nothing more than sharing ideas, knowledge, and her love for all things L’Oréal Professional and for our industry. She believes that everyday is a gift and tomorrow holds a mystery.

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Randa Rivera – Hair Stylist | Makeup Artist

Randa is an expert hairstylist, and published makeup artist. Her passion for education is a driving force that sets her apart, mastering her craft and ensuring that she stays at the forefront of her field with what’s new in the beauty industry. She places high value on listening to her clients, understanding their needs, so she can customize something exceptional for each of her guests. She specializes in color, precision cutting, and works with all hair textures. Randa is also a published makeup artist that does wedding and event makeup, as well as editorial work. Outside the salon, she is a photographer and artist who mixes media’s and pushes boundaries. She loves collaborating with other artists both in the beauty industry and other trades. She truly enjoys connecting with her clients and helping them discover more of their own beauty.

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Leigh Batenburg – Hair Stylist

Life can take you in many unexpected directions, which is exactly what happened when Leigh discovered her passion for hair. While attending Colorado State University, Leigh decided to pursue a license in hairstyling through night courses offered at a cosmetology school nearby and quickly fell in love with the industry. Upon graduation with her bachelor’s degree, and a hairstyling apprenticeship under her belt, Leigh moved back to her hometown of Denver to further her education and career in hair. Leigh’s second salon employment is where she met and trained with Chelsea and Jessica James, providing her the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take her career to the next level. The following two years Leigh built her business as an independent hairstylist working in the South Broadway area of Denver, while also pursuing a master’s degree from the University of Denver. Leigh’s passion for creating beautiful hair is just as great as her love for the clientele she has built; connecting with each client is one of her most cherished aspects of the job. Leigh’s mission is to change the world, one strand of hair at a time.

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Ashley Engle Samuel – Hair Stylist

Originally from Basalt, CO, Ashley decided to leave her small town to pursue her dream of working in the beauty industry. She moved and studied in San Diego, CA at Paul Mitchell. When she returned home she began her career in Aspen, where she assisted the owner of a well established and prominent salon. Craving more diversity and education she moved to Denver. She apprenticed two more years at a top salon in the heart of Denver and earned her place among many lead stylists. Being in the industry for ten years some of our her accomplishments include work on numerous photo shoots and fashion shows as well as styling at New York Fashion Week. She specializes in vivid hair coloring and is known for her short women’s haircutting, although she prides herself on a jack of all trades. She looks forward to meeting you and creating something beautiful!


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Evan Petsikas – Hair Stylist

Evan, a Detroit native, originally sought out to work on cars, however, when the industry was on the brink of folding in 2006, he found another creative outlet. He discovered his passion for hair and has fallen in love with the industry for over a decade. He feels lucky to have learned from one of the top stylists in Michigan and is grateful to have had some incredible mentors along the way. Evan knew from a young age that he wanted to be surrounded by mountains, which brought him to Colorado in 2014. He enjoys the contrast between the lifestyle in the beauty industry and his passion for hockey and all things sports. Evan comes to Forma Collective with a vast knowledge from mens cuts to balayage to Keratin treatments and gives a great head massage. He is a jack of all trades with the best energy, you will leave feeling like a million dollars!
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Leanna Marcolina – Hair Stylist

Having worn her hair in almost every length, color and shape…Leanna can offer perspective and attuned advice. Anything from huge change to minor adjustments, she’ll dive in, designing for the individuals wants and needs. She’s found great success with color corrections, blondes and all cutting from very short to super long. The world of hair offers immense possibilities; technique, design, trend, technology, education…the intrigue captures Leanne’s focus and instigates a drive to constantly expand in all directions. Her intention for everyone in her chair is to have longevity and functionality from a look they love, and ultimately the proper integrity of the fabric of hair.

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Roxie Ramos – Hair Stylist

A Denver native, Roxie loves to her fullest for anyone that she connects with in her chair and all around her. Her creations bring heart, vision and morale which rejuvenate her guests. As she focuses on the culture of her craft the opportunities continue to be endless. She fell in love with up styling and makeup artistry as a teen but decided to pursue her other dream in law enforcement after high school at MSU Denver. She became a freelance hair and makeup artist for weddings on the side for eight years as she experienced other careers.

Craving the liveliness and inspiration within the beauty industry, Roxie attended the Aveda Institute Denver in 2014 graduating with awards. She got accepted into one of Denver’s top apprenticeship programs learning from all of her greatest mentors. Specializing in Weddings for over a decade her craft behind the chair includes lived-in blondes and brunettes, creative vivids, modish haircuts and now working towards motivational speaking for our industry. While hair competitions, photoshoots and fashion shows keep her soul on fire she is a published hair and makeup creator for editorial and commercial work. Nominated for Shu Uemura Gallery of Street Style, NAHA Team nominee, she also traveled to New York City for fashion week and for L’Oreal Color Trophy while winning an award with her team. Continuing to be inspired by many creators around the world, she has learned the most important things as an artist: Be Passionate, Be Humble, Be Inspired and Be You!

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Juanita Pierce – Salon Manager

Juanita brings her twenty some years of experience in the healthcare industry to her new home at Fōrma; fulfilling her dream of working in a positive and loving environment. Nita uses her stellar skills to make sure the day to day operations at the salon run smoothly while making each client feel special and comfortable during their time at Fōrma. We are so lucky to have her in our family!

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