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+Grand Opening Recap

On August 13th, 2016, we officially opened the Fōrma + Collective doors surrounded by our closest family + friends.  Fully stocked swag bags with everything from R+Co to yummy smelling Kérastase to L’Oréal took over our entrance <insert photo here> and our featured photo station, as well as the always entertaining beats by everyone’s favorite DJ Mear <insert Insta link> kept our guests entertained all night <insert photo>. Oh and did I mention that everyones bellies were filled with the deliciousness of Metropolitan Bar and Grill?

We were and still continue to be overwhelmed with positive feedback regarding the overall ambiance and decor of our new home filled with handcrafted art everywhere you turn. <insert bathroom photo>  Phillip Castillo made our dream of having the “but did you see the bathroom!” reaction come true from all of our guests.  Our dear friend Jovan Nixon handcrafted a beautiful succulent pallet for one of our largest walls in the salon which has almost every client asking where they could buy one themselves.  Aside from the blood, sweat and tears Chelsea and I have put into our shared life-long dream, we’ve had the same amount of love, support and dedication from our family and friends that have stood by our sides.  This, in turn, has created one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences a human could ever encounter.  Overwhelmed with emotion, Chelsea and I tried desperately to express in words the gratitude we felt toward each and every one of you – but no amount of words could possibly capture the essence of the true and pure emotion we feel deep in our souls.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for believing in us.  Thank you for taking this journey with us – for loving us and for supporting us.  This is just the beginning.  Till next time…

+with love


Featured Grand Opening Vendors: (in no particular order)

Metropolitan Bar and Grill

Amore Vino

Venture Wild Collective Jewelry

Created Art by Marie Conigliaro

Christina “DJ Mear” Duran

Jovan Nixon

Phillip Castillo