+ Chelsea James TEACH IN with Hairbrained

https://www.facebook.com/hairbrained.me/videos/1811966245495505/ Longest day of life in the shop, but it was epic! Two full makeover transformations, booked solid, stylist meetings were next level, and I'm feeling so connected on my drive home. Illegally check my phone, and there's a Facebook message from Gerard Scarpcai, cofounder of Hairbrained: Hi Chelsea, Congrats on the HVA nomination! I … Continue reading + Chelsea James TEACH IN with Hairbrained

+ Fōrma Favorite Products

WHAT: L’Incroyable Blowdry by Kerastase WHY: This French international luxury haircare brand has done it again with this truly incredible—hence the name—blowdry product. With it’s natural feel, ability to slow greasing, heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and style repositioning capability, what’s not to love? Utilizing Micro-Beeswaxes, the product is able to create strong … Continue reading + Fōrma Favorite Products

+ Winter Collection

collection [kuh-lek-shuh n] noun 1. the act of collecting. 2. something that is collected; a group of objects or an amount of material accumulated in one location, especially for some purpose or as a result of some process. Collections are many things. The beauty industry is incredibly multifaceted, because the spectrum of beauty is up for personal interpretation. It begins by looking back at the history of image and understanding how something is deemed “beautiful”. Trends usually start with someone in a position of power, creating a change … Continue reading + Winter Collection