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Online booking for most stylist is still disabled at this time. Please reach out to your stylist directly or call with any questions or concerns. Please leave a voicemail if we are unavailable and we will get back to you ASAP, but please be patient as we don’t have a receptionist.

Forma Collective -(720) 255-2039

Chelsea James- Contact Lawrence (720) 656-6631

Lawrence Williams- (720) 656-6631

Brooke Evans – (303) 960-9022

Jessi James Leone- (720) 234-2139

Lauren Best – (703) 278-2694

Randa Rivera- (760) 382-4353 or

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To all our wonderful clients,

We have moved to a mask optional policy. We respectfully ask everyone to still refrain from the vaccination topic of conversation due to our goal of providing a safe, non discriminatory place to receive your services. Thank you for your continued support, we are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Cleaning and sanitizing ALL surfaces:

-Tools, capes, chairs, sinks, light switches, door handles, and EVERYTHING that anyone has been in contact with.

-Sanitizing before and after each client, washing our hands for at least 20 seconds after contact and between every service.

-We are licensed and thoroughly educated on how to properly sanitize. We pledge to you, when you arrive for your appointment, we are doing everything possible to keep you safe.


Due to the nature of our industry this is impossible; however, we have many ways we can prevent contamination and adhere to the recommended guidelines. To do our best to stay socially distant we are making some changes.

Things that we request of YOU:

***IF YOU FEEL SICK or have been in contact with anyone who is sick, please CANCEL/RESCHEDULE your appointment. Our cancellation policy requires 48 hours with a 50% fee of services scheduled, if cancelled 24 hours or less you will be charged for your full services scheduled.


-Mask optional.


-Due to sanitation,  we need extra time. Please be patient if we are running late as we also have to try to distance ourselves from each other and there is no way to time appointments, color mixing and shampooing.

***There will be a $5 sanitation fee per client as we are taking the utmost care and precautions to provide you with the safest experience.

***By booking an appointment you are agreeing to these guidelines. Prior to booking your appointment, please ensure you have read these carefully and feel comfortable adhering to them. If you come to your appointment and do not follow these protocols, we will have to refuse your service with no refund. Thank you for understanding.

If you find out you have contracted COVID19 after your appointment, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.

We want to reiterate our sensitivity, support and love to every individual while navigating through this pandemic. We support everyone’s personal decisions throughout this process, as we are aware of the diversity of opinions and emotions surrounding this time.

As a team and collective, we support each of our team member’s decisions individually as professionals and respect their choice to work, not work, or cease working at any point. Our profession now requires much more work, resources and time. We also respect your decisions as guests to navigate what is best for you at this time.

We are whole heartedly excited for the opportunity to connect, do your hair, hopefully laugh, listen to jams and most of all, SEE YOU!

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If this is your first time using Rosy, please remember you will  continue to sign in with that account information when making your future appointments.

In full support of our incredible stylists at Fōrma, we kindly enforce a 48 hour cancellation policy at 50% fee of services scheduled and at 24 hours or less a full charge for services scheduled will be charged. If you cancel your appointment within those hours, we will ask to keep a credit card on file for further booking. This policy is industry standard because we are unable to fill the spot. Thank you so much for your support. For services over a $200 value, we will require a credit card on file at the time of booking.  If you need to cancel or make changes to your appointment, please contact your stylist  directly or our salon at (720) 255-2039.