+ the Collective

A collective that shapes ideas into existence and participates in the beauty of everything.

The salon was born so we could have a space to collide creation. Fōrma means to shape and we are here to support artists, push boundaries, collaborate, be the best version of ourselves, have a safe place to grow, to elevate the industry and everyone possible through education. We are proud to partner with the best products in the industry.

 KérastaseL’Oréal Professionnel and Evo.


Chelsea James – Owner | Stylist

International Artist/Educator

With a love for hair behind the chair, editorial work and multi media, Chelsea found continuing her own education sparked an ambition to share her knowledge with her peers. She loves connecting through the creative process we all share and tailoring her classes to the specific learning needs for each stylist. With the same passion for business she opened her own salon and it translates the ability to help each stylist find their own.

Chelsea is the owner of Fōrma + Collective Salon, Master Stylist behind the chair, published nationally as well as with L’Oréal Professionnel. She was the first woman to ever win a Hairbrained Video Award, she won NAHA 2017 Avant Garde category and was a finalist in the L’Oréal Professionnel Color Style Trophy. She has styled for music videos, New York Fashion Week and facilitated at TEACH IN for Hairbrained at IBS New York and PBA Beauty Week in Las Vegas.

With a genuine love for both the industry and education, she is dedicated to never stop learning and to give back her experiences along the way.

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Jessi James Leone – Hair Stylist

Branding Manager

Jessi has been in the industry for over 16 years and has a drive for both business and beauty. She has pushed herself through education and had the honor of walking with mentors along the way. She has had the opportunity to teach nationally as well as internationally with L’Oreal. She specializes in color corrections, blondes and makeovers. With a belief that you are always the student and a love for styling hair she couldn’t be more excited to have helped create a home for other stylists to grow and to be a part of change, creation, and collaboration. She continues to grow the business through branding, social media and photo/video editing.

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Brooke Evans – Master Colorist

L’Oreal Professionnel National Artist/Educator

Brooke Evans, is one of the most sought-after color specialist in the beauty industry. Both behind the chair and now at Fōrma + Collective Salon. She is a national color and certified balayage artist for L’Oréal Professionnel and with over 15 years of expertise, Brooke has mastered the art of color, yet continues to evolve and challenge herself daily to ensure she is always elevating her own level of technical excellence as well as the beauty industry. Her innovative ideas combined with her overwhelming amount of passion and detail for color is her driving force making her a strong educator, colorist, mentor, and forever student.

Brooke’s success story does not come from a long list of celebrities she has worked on, but more from the profound impact she has on artists every day. Brooke is inspiring, she truly embodies a rare talent of being able to empower other artists and inspire them to want to deliver more for their guests in their chair as well as innovate their way of thinking to the next level. She is relatable, approachable, passionate, and extremely charismatic. Brooke loves nothing more than sharing ideas, knowledge, and her love for all things L’Oréal Professional and for our industry. She believes that everyday is a gift and tomorrow holds a mystery.

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Randa Rivera – Hair Stylist | Makeup Artist

Randa is an expert hairstylist with 10 years of experience. Her passion for education is a driving force that sets her apart, mastering her craft and ensuring that she stays at the forefront of her field with what’s new in the beauty industry. She places high value on listening to her clients, understanding their needs, so she can customize something exceptional for each of her guests. She specializes in precision cutting, custom hair color, and works with all hair textures. Outside of the salon she is a photographer and artist that enjoys collaborating with other creatives. She truly enjoys connecting with her clients and helping them discover more of their own beauty.

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Lawrence Williams – Hair Stylist

As a colorado native, Lawrence has always had a passion for hair. From a young age, Lawrence would find any reason to do someone’s hair. Due to societal norms Lawrence always felt an immense amount of pressure to pursue other paths and fields instead of following his heart. But life had other plans. Since 2019, Lawrence has been actively and aggressively pursuing his dream by entering the beauty industry and has no plans of slowing down or stopping. With a burning passion of learning anything and everything there is to know about hair. His advanced skill in extensions and natural textured hair have served many of his clients well.

Joining Forma Collective has also allowed him to expand his horizons and master his techniques and skill level with Color and hair cutting. There is simply nothing he is unwilling to do for his education and his clients. 

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Lauren Best – Hair Stylist

Lauren hails from the far east, Virginia to be exact. She cut her teeth, over 15 years ago, in the Washington DC area. Due to her insatiable hunger for knowledge she has spent a substantial amount of time attending educational classes and courses throughout her years in the industry. In addition to education outside the salon, she has also worked behind the chair at numerous learning based salons, partaken in training assistants and teaching classes for co workers. Laurentrained and worked for the Australian based brand, KEVIN.MURPHY, as a styling educator for 3 years. She travelled teaching and working at shows for other industry professionals. Her hair knowledge spans all different textures, lengths, colors and styles.

She is known professionally for her contagious enthusiasm towards her craft, attention to detail, and love of teaching clients how to master their own hair. As a human she is noted for her quirky style, unique perspective, humor, metaphors, puns, love of plants, and soft spot for every animal she has ever met. She enjoys gently pushing the envelope for clients and exploring changes that give them greater freedom with their own image. Lauren finds joy in blending contrasting ideas, whether it be shapes, colors, or both. She is equally inspired by applying bold unnatural colors in natural patterns and seamlessly enhancing what her clients grow with, what she has coined, ‘natural but better’ coloring.

Prior to moving to Colorado in 2020, she owned her own salon. Her baby, ‘Thinking Over Hair’, continued on through 2021 due to her dedication to her clients and cross country visits to keep them looking great. It was her intention to embrace another side of herself as an intuitive healer once she landed in Colorado….. however she found that she greatly missed the daily interaction and creative outlet that she had found in hair. Amongst many spiritual abilities, Lauren is a certified psychic, evidential medium, and intuitive counselor. She is delighted to be able to nourish her physical and spiritual bodies by offering services to beautify and nourish yours.

When she isn’t in salon, she can be found in her plant filled home in Colorado Springs with her viking of a boyfriend, 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue ferrets. She is a pisces and also enjoys long walks on the beach.

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